We believe in spending time up front, asking the right questions, to get the best possible solution. We want to understand the business objective and corporate strategic priorities. We uncover all relevant customer/consumer insights. We kick the tires on if and where the opportunity exists – and then figure out how best to go to market: whether it a new brand, a repositioned band, or a marketing/messaging strategy.


Using the consumer insights, competitive landscape, and business objectives, we develop and evaluate multiple concepts. We most often do this through a facilitated process involving key stakeholders, including product design, insights, and brand representatives, to capture multiple perspectives and bring the entire team along on the exploration.

Discover Case Study:

A mid-cap retailer wanted to develop a brand targeting an emerging segment for the business. We led the team in creating the multiple concepts, then narrowing in on the most viable, and setting the them on the right course to bring it to life. By having us lead and facilitate the process, the project sponsors we able to focus on participating in the creative thinking instead of being bogged down by project management details.



By collaborating with key internal stakeholders to truly understand the business opportunity and consumer needs, we create the brand essence and guardrails. Using those guardrails, we can then guide any range of needs, including naming, branding creative, product design, and brand expansion mapping.


Combining the brand strategy with the challenges and opportunities of the current business, we can craft a messaging strategy best suited the business challenges at hand, and help ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels of communication and consumer interactions.

Build Case Study:

A start-up consumer product, soon to launch. A lean team with a visionary entrepreneur at the helm. We created a brand blueprint to translate a founder’s vision into a roadmap of how the brand is positioned, so current and future team members stay aligned on how bring the brand to life in a cohesive and consistent way.



The biggest brands shouldn’t always get the most attention. Using inputs including corporate strategic priorities, business performance, brand health, and competitive landscape & trends, we can recommend which brands should be the highest priority for future investment, where there is white space for new brands, and which brands should be discontinued or consolidated.


Investing the time in crafting a robust marketing plan will keep teams aligned and focused throughout the year. By facilitating a deep dive into the business, consumer, and marketplace dynamics, we can help align teams against their most critical issues…enabling them jump into creative execution in a disciplined, focused manner.

Grow Case Study:

A specialty retailer, under pressure to drive more growth from its private label portfolio. We were engaged to build upon, and challenge, their current thinking. Feeling that they weren’t adequately using their brands to drive transformational growth for the business, we created a wholly different approach, more tightly tied to their corporate priorities and with greater potential to truly differentiate the business in a competitive space.

Leadership and Development


We can step in to help provide strategic thought leadership, coaching and mentoring, and project structure and management – whether you need someone to help keep teams moving forward while you work to fill an open executive role; or you need outside resources to lead a significant strategic planning effort so you can stay focused on running the day-to-day business; or you are a smaller organization needing part-time or fractional marketing leadership.


Need to get your teams up to speed on some of the fundamentals of branding and marketing? Whether as part of a project engagement, or as a stand-alone training session, we welcome the opportunity to teach your teams the basic principles and approaches to brand management and marketing planning.